From Stagnation to Activation






I was that woman who lived in fear of what others might say. I was that woman who lived in silence because I didn’t believe anyone would hear me. I was that woman who lived self-destructing because I did not understand the blessings of forgiveness. I was that woman!



I am that woman who now walks in her calling, who made a choice to live and not die. I am that woman who made a choice to let love be the answer. I am that woman who has chosen forgiveness as a way of life, understanding that forgiveness is an act of kindness to self! I am that woman who is no longer
allowing the thoughts of others to become my reality. I am that woman!



As you are reading this I ask that you join me on this journey of LIVING, LOVING, and FORGIVING…

Do it NOW, Do it AFRAID!



New York Weekly Interview

Cherisa Allen receives invitation from Shawn Fair to speak at the Leadership Experience Tour as a Activator, Challenging and Empowering Her Clients with Her Speaking Talent

Art & Soul: The Art of Well Being Manifesting A Healthier You Even In A Pandemic featuring Cherisa Allen

When we talk about improving our health, a good way to start is what is happening in your mind and emotions even before getting to your body.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Ypsilanti life coach, author, and social worker Cherisa Allen about "manifesting a healthier you" and how even during a global health crisis that is possible.

Comparison is the Thief of Joy with Cherisa Allen

In this episode Melissa Joy, CFP® and Cherisa Allen, discuss why we often look to what others have, as a way to benchmark our own success.  Cherisa is a social worker, transformational life coach, and empowerment speaker who believes this tendency of comparison is causing many people to fail. The idea of focusing on your own financial goals, and how to get there through authenticity, is a very timely topic for the new year.

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